Sunday, February 01, 2004

The purpose of these writings is not necessarily to provoke any readers I might accidentally gain into rushing out to read/watch/listen to/eat the latest fad. I don’t have the money or the free time to devote to what’s fresh bursting on the scene, but choose instead to review that which is current in my life. Occasionally, this might be something all the hip kids are grooving too; most likely, however, it will be of something old, something hashed over and rehashed over by better reviewers and writers than me (and worse ones too).

I don’t do this to cash in on buzz, but rather, I do it because the things in my life surprise, revolt, and inspire me, because I find things great, good, or god-awful and want someone else to know it. So, you might find a review of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, written as though no one else had ever read the things or written about them, or you may read about a little known comic book a buddy of mine is putting out. I can’t say what I’m going to review in advance, suffice to say that I work a desk job filled with tedium, and as a result, I listen to a lot of books on tape. (Some jealous people say this is not the same as reading, but what do they know?) I will review a lot of books on tape, mostly from the library, mostly books that are quite out of the public’s fickle consciousness at this time. I will also review old movies, older books on paper, new fruits I might try (tangelo!), and recent events.

The purpose is to get me writing more frequently about what surrounds me. If you like what you read, come on back.

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