Sunday, May 16, 2004

Sorry So Long

Recently, I listened to the first three books in the Left Behind series. I did this out of curiosity and out of a worrisome need to know what all these Christians were thinking.

It's not pretty. I've chosen to review all three books together and there are so many flaws, errors, bad writing, and unintentional hilarity that I've chosen to write a very, very, very long review.

For your ease of reading, I've broken this up into three longish reviews each one focusing on a particular broad category of literary and theological sins committed by the authors of these books.

I did this, all of this, for you, Dear Reader. And I vow to do more. There are twelve books in the series and it is my intention to listen to all of them. For as bad as they are, they reach a spectacularly freakish pinnacle of uberbadness that sloshes over with extremely funny results.

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