Thursday, April 14, 2005


I meant to post my third in a series of unfunny attempts at humor over at what's it called tonight, just in time for tax day, but I'm not in the mood. And no, libertarian fucktards, the mood has nothing to do with taxes.

Being funny is hard enough without having to fight the uphill battle of not being in that great a mood to begin with, so for all of you who don't particularly like reading my "comedy" (but read it out of a guilty conscience, thinking "well, he is my friend/my brother-in-law/a casual acquaintance/my butt buddy/a friend's friend/a friend's friend's friend's friend/some dude who writes crap that I found out about because he stuck some shitty little piece of paper into a book at the library with this url on it, and I got curious") there is a moment of relief.

I still will get around to posting it (why I don't know), so you're not off the hook yet. But I promise there is a reason for all this bad humor, letting me store up hatred and bile in my hump like a camel to later give you the tasty tasty reviews you've come to know and dread.

So, a requst. I lost the thread wherein I asked for requests or suggestions for reviews, and YACCS is so ghetto that it doesn't keep them in memory longer than diddly, and I forgot to copy and paste all your lovely thoughts and wishes into a more permanent document. So here's a chance to ask me for something better than what you've been getting all along.

What would you like to see me try not to fall on my face writing a review about? Or better yet, what would you like to read about here? Romance novels? The weather? Athlete's foot? Smegma? The rising cost of gas? Dark chocolate? Socks?

You let me know, and this time I'll save your ideas and try them out.


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