Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gotta Recognize

Today I had my third printed review, see below. I shared the front page with a fellow who helped me out when I was just a wee nobody with a blog read by only my friends.

Now, thanks to his encouragement and support, I have a semi-regular gig with Ohio’s finest daily newspaper. I’m still a wee nobody, but now I’m a wee nobody with a paying gig. Life is good.

Anyway, he’s a fine, sharp writer with a deft touch who somehow manages to distill current nuttinesses into an always enjoyable, amusing read. He’s got the good hook, the solid follow through, and the kind of wry humor that doesn’t need to advertise itself in loud blasts. He deserves an even wider audience than this little city can provide.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tom Feran.

Just look at that picture. Don’t you want to grab hold of those cheeks and pinch? I keep telling him in emails, whether I’m sober or like now, that he needs to buttonhole that old blowhard Feagler and get his agent to help him nab a deal for a tidy little collection of these gems.

This, of late, is probably my favorite. Competition is stiff, but this column outlasts ‘em all.

Plenty more here.

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