Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More Fun With Site Meter

So, every once in a while, late at night, I get the urge to see what visitors I'm pulling in at this little house of fun. I hadn't ever actually discovered this feature until tonight, but by checking out my visitors based on location, I find I can discover what page various readers have looked at in my fabled archives.

To my reader at the Tara Anglican School for Girls in Paramatta, New South Wales, Australia, as well as the many other residents of New South Wales who have been passing this around amongst themselves, let me apologize. I don't really think poorly of Australians, that was just a bit of fun. To the other readers who've come for that particular review, Wisconsin, Texas, South Dakota, Missouri, York in England, etc. let me say, I hope you liked it. It's apparently my most popular post.

Why anyone from Brazil would be interested in future Dan Brown books, I can't say. It likewise is apparently a popular review. Come on, people, I said nothing in that review you didn't think for yourself already.

To my reader from Warsaw, I hope you're looking at yesterday's review.

Readers in Denmark and Norway, you want to watch that for the same reasons I watched it. And it wasn't for the art, guys.

Bangor, Maine, a sexy sexy name for place, reminded me of this old favorite of mine. I love the title of it and the rest too. In fact, I love my vicious reviews better than all my others.

Got a particularly favorite review? Let me know in the comments.

And if you're one of the above mentioned folks, let us know in the comments too.

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