Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mr. Uncool.

I know this post won't get read until Monday or Tuesday by any of my regulars and I know it demonstrates my total zero social life per se, but this is some stupid and fun shit to waste your time completely. Some of this may be, ahem, not safe for work.

Google Trends.

Tampa, Florida leads the world in searches using the phrase "eat shit."

This is the kind of thing you think is a joke.

I think we are represented well here. For comparative purposes.

To make at least one reader laugh, I say, naughty naughty Swiss men, not Germans this time.

We're on to you, India. Can I get a "thank god"?

Who knew there was such an interest in Scandinavia?

And a big smoooooooch out to you people in the U.K.

You may, of course, find more gratifying things to search if you wish.

Via Harry Hutton, a naughty, naughty wag.

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