Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ragging on the Wife

This morning, I was tidying up the kitchen when I came across a box of Cheerios.

The funny thing about it is this: my wife is constitutionally incapable of following any of the unspoken/unwritten instructions on even the simplest packaging. Give her one of those bags of shredded cheese where you tear off a thin strip of plastic across the top in order to get to the ziploc part of it, and she'll rip the bag nearly in half.

In the cabinet above the sink, we have an extra large bag of chocolate chips we bought at Costco. One side has one of these ziploc ends. Ms. The Critic tore open the other end.

Now, getting back to the Cheerios, I've noticed that the in-laws are pretty similar in this regard. Visit their house and in the cereal cabinet, all the boxes are torn apart as though some wild animal had been at them. Clearly, it's a family thing. So when I found this box of Cheerios, I immediately suspected the wife.

"Look at what Mama did," I said, showing The Littlest Critic.

She laughed. "I did that," she said with a tone that was supposed to suggest how obvious this was.

It was not obvious to me, though looking at this other picture, you might feel otherwise.

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