Sunday, July 29, 2007


...and it rolls.

A discussion was bruited about tonight's campfire cookout jamboree. Amidst grilled vegetable wraps for myself and chicken and beef for the others (Mac 'n' Cheese and grapes for The Littlest Critic), many things were discussed.

As we are politically interested people, we danced a bit about the Democrat nominee, advocating for personal favorites, but generally expressing confidence in any of our three candidates, then talk turned to the Republicans. I turned eight at the start of the Reagan years and it is with some satisfaction that I peruse the state of disarray among that party's field. While some thought Thompson looked promising, anemic numbers, staff shakeups, and some loyalty to the base issues seemed to be crippling his chances before he even formally announced. McCain's going nowhere at all but to pieces. To me, it's down to Giuliani versus Romney.

Rudy's simply a too moderate Republican northerner to ever satisfy Mississippi, though he seems to be basing his campaign around the issue "I'm gonna hammer me some terra'rists" so who knows.

Romney has the Mormon thing, which I thought used to be a weakness when considering how much dislike there is for that sect among Bible Belt residencies, but between Rudy-- who said "we should publicly fund abortions" -- and Romney -- who shies away from discussions of Golden Tablets and the Angel Moroni and sticks to bumpersticker religiousisms-- I think Romney might be the guy.

The guy to be crushed in the general, of course. Heh heh.

But the real topic I was interested in seeing people post on (because if you haven't guessed yet, then you probably should know that this is yet another week skimpy on reviews, as job applications needing writing samples are calling), was best summertime jam.

Kick it, people. I want to know what song makes you most feel like it's Summer capital-S, and you are feeling _____________. Relaxed? Hot and Sticky? Like going for a swim?


What is the all time single song that you hear and no matter where you are, no matter why, you just go, "Ahhhh, summer"? If you want to explain why, then be our guest, be our guest, put our comments to the test.

I'll start this off by saying that it used to be the Porno for Pyros song "Pets." It came out one summer when I was in college and seemed to just fit and match me like no other. I hadn't heard it in years, then downloaded it, listened to it, and it didn't fit anymore. I mean, it really didn't fit. it was faster than my memory of it, it had less groove than I recalled, and the lyrics sounded wrong. But it was undeniably the song from memory, only now it felt like someone else's summertime jam.

So, I've been at odds trying to think of a new one, trying to wrack the old mind and catch just the right tune. Right now, acting as stand-in is Otis Redding's "These Arms of Mine" which has the "guests have all left, kid's asleep, your last glass of wine, dancing with the spouse in the dark backyard under stars" kind of feel that has epitomized this summer--only I haven't really listened to it much at all this summer.

Nevertheless, tell me what your song is. Let's hear it.

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