Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh You Sexy, Sexy Site Meter

It's an amazing way to waste your time. Go to your sitemeter page and check out all the ways people are turning up at your site.

A few of notes on this:

One, there are some very dirty people out there willing to click through dozens of links for Google searches about "women enjoying sex vagina" which eventually turns up me. I lost heart after the tenth or so page and still no sign of a link to my site. Godspeed you on your merry way, you naughty naughty readers.

Two, having though that it was my scathing review of The Wiggles which drew all the Aussie related hits, I now discover in fact that the vast majority of those are people who are searching out the pictures I linked to of Kylie Minogue. What a surprise it must be for those other naughty, naughty readers. What a disappointment for me.

Three, as long as sex is what we're talking about here, this was the most flattering referral link by far. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check out who footnote number four is. That's right, Naughty Naughty Me.

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