Monday, December 03, 2007

There's a Reason...

...I refer to my friend Chris' website o' whimsy as "Sheer Genius."

It's because it is. The way the final lines sort of bring it all to a nicely dovetailed finish is just one of those things that look like happy accident, but are probably the result of genius (which is itself often just hardwork with all the hardwork grunting and heavy lifting erased for the final draft).

At any event, there's always tons of stuff like this coming out regularly. I just thought I'd share today's.

Lush Weave of Grey Clouds and Sunlight

He's the guy whose job it is to collect the rainbows that have burned out. Glow long since gone, the colors settle at each end, hardening into seven greasy disks. He arrives in his rattling truck, and using a winch attached to the front grill, he pries out each end from the earth. The flat colors are each dropped into one of seven appropriate sacks then returned to their container under the passenger seat. The clear loops of empty rainbow coil easily onto spools in the back of the truck. He drops a few grass seeds where the earth's been disturbed. Cacti needles, if it's the desert. Seagulls, if the ocean. He keeps a shoebox full of seagulls in the glove compartment. It takes up the whole space, which is fine since he never keeps gloves in there. Touching rainbows, even expired ones, is a wonder, a perk of the job.

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