Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cosmic Irony

About two months ago or thereabouts, I put in a request at the library for the Christopher Hitchens' edited collection, The Portable Atheist after having seen it at a bookstore.

Here it is, Maundy Thursday and it arrives just in time for one of the most significant Christian holidays.

It is to laugh.


The Critic said...

Right off the bat, though, I should state that I generally view Hitchens as an enormous asshole who has a very real talent for pushing bullshit arguments with a scintillating prose style and incredibly well-concealed logical fallacies. I will also state for the record that I don't generally read atheist tomes, needing no boosterism for my beliefs be the authors ever-so-well-known.

Chris said...

We should celebrate with a big juicy burger tomorrow on Good Friday.

Sigh, I know you've gone all veggie on me but really if there's ever a day to eat meat it's tomorrow.

And I agree with your assessment of Hitchens. I hate him about as much as I like him. He's an incredibly talented writer who spends too much time trying to be a big ass.