Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh nooooeees

Years and years and years and years ago, I wrote a novel about a backpacking trip I took to Europe. Yes, I know. Cliched. One of the things that I introduced, in the spirit of Rabelais, was a catalog of the various types of excretia you may experience in your life. This was a hit with friends of mine.

In that vein, I present to you a scientific version of same. (I include the Amazon graphic instead of a regular one because the fact that it's an open bowl image with a "Search Inside!" arrow is doubly hilarious.)


Alley Cat said...

I bet this is the most-requested book at senior centers all across the country. (And, no, I didn't look inside.)

Brian Sorgatz said...

Belated thanks for the link to my blog. I discovered it through Technorati. I don't care what my poo is telling me, because I don't take any crap from my crap.