Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Excuse Me
While I Call Bullshit

Miles deep bullshit.

This is one of those classic "what you think people want to hear" answers. I've read the Bible cover to cover twice and I'm an atheist. My sister who goes to church nearly every Sunday has never read the Bible once. You're telling me that's her favorite book? Come on. I would bet a largish sum of dough that most Americans have never read the Bible in its entirety. Can you really call a book your favorite if you've never read it?

And let's be quite truthful here, believer or not, the Bible is dreadfully boring as shit. Have you ever read Leviticus or Deuteronomy? While Proverbs can be fun for dipping in now and then, that book is mega-repetitive. Paul's letters? Snoooooore.

Yeah, there's some entertaining stuff in there (Revelation is kick ass image-wise and Elisha and the bears, naturally, heh heh), but I hardly believe all across America a majority of people are citing Hebraic dietary laws and regulations on stoning of homosexuals, witches, women who remain silent while being raped, blasphemers, or, in other words, taking to heart vast swaths of Biblical verbiage.

The Bible is the number one selling book and it's probably cited more than just about any particular book you could name, but it is immensely overrated and under-read to be truthfully "America's Favorite Book."

In related news, most people at their grandma's birthday parties name Grandma as their favorite relative.

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A & D said...

Oh come on, there are some good parts in there. For example (not real names, clearly)
Then Steve had two sons, Bob and Jeff, Jeff had a son Mike. Bob had two sons, Lee, and Bill. Bill had a son Fred, Fred had five sons Cody, Brian, Luke, Mitchell, Tim. Cody had a son named Loyd. Brian had three sons. Jeffrey, Hunter, Keith. Brian had a son he called Joshua. Luke had a son named Patrick. Mitchell had two sons, Ryan and William. Tim had thirteen sons: Peter, Curtis, David, Lester, Dan, Tom, Richard, Doug, Andrew, Joel, Derek, Jack, and Gunther (who would later become the leader of the Yanakinbunjumbylehmeeenauch tribes.)
Very interesting stuff there.