Friday, May 30, 2008

Always a Fan

While this clip is more Tim Conway as star than the recently departed Harvey Korman, it highlights one of my favorite parts of the Carol Burnett show. There's something absolutely hilarious to me in watching a sketch when one of the actors is fighting fighting fighting not to bust up at the antics of the other actor(s).

Here, Harvey's doing his best to pass it all off as toothache, but watch his face (and the shaking of his shoulders) and it makes all the silly little physical stuff Conway's fiddling with almost unbearably funny. Conway's funny enough on his own at this time period, but the two of them together were once an unstoppable force.

More of the same here.

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Alley Cat said...

My goodness, I keep finding new posts on your page.

Speaking in reference to some of the great "littlest moments" from my "Bell, Book and Candle" comment, my favorite Harvey Korman moment comes from the end of "Blazing Saddles", where he tries to get away with paying a lower theater ticket price by saying to the ticket-seller, "Student?"