Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Congratulations To Me, To Me

I finally done busted my 100,000 visitor cherry. And who was the lucky web crawler who will win exactly nothing? Well, here's what we can ascertain through the magic of Site Meter. Our magic visitor is from Bombay (Mumbai, to you, sucka) in the state of Maharashta, India. Apparently a fan of children's literature and the grumps who sometimes review it, my mystery reader is a savvy Firefox user who got here from The Bartimaeus Trilogy review which had apparently been Googled about an hour previously. This repeat visit wins Mumbai, India, the prize.

Well, that's life as a big time blogger. The winning data below.


A & D said...

I gave my 40th blog visitor a calico cat, but they sent it back. Andrea wasn't happy with me for that one.

Sarah said...

Congratulations. That's a lot of hits. I'm so disappointed I wasn't it...I wouldn't have sent the cat back.