Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Few Minor Edits

Well, I've added some and dropped some things on the blogroll, but my favorite new change to the site is the revamped Archives. Originally just a long-ass list of books reviewed that stretched down to near the bottom of the page, now there is the streamlined scroll down menu that saves space and is just cooler in general.

Thanks go to Jon Swift (there on your left under Politics), from who I shamelessly and corruptly ganked the script, tweaking it a hair for size. Now if someone could just direct me to how to bump it over a bit and align it with the rest of the sidebar stuff, I'd appreciate it.

Review tomorrow. Promise.

Plus, next week: Review of Splatterpark Paintball Facility and the newly revamped Kalahari Water Park's expansion (or Digestive Tract Trauma, depending on whether or not my dog-crazed mother infected me or my daughter with some nasty virus).

And probably a dumb picture of some dumb media bullshit.

Lastly, inspired by my sister-in-law and The Wife, I'm on a mission to find some intelligent vulgar insults. My current self-created faves include:

Constipated Shit-For-Brains
Dickbrained Quarterwit.

Both of which take scatological or gentialia-related insults and pair them with intelligence insults for a double whammy of back and forth tension. That's my favorites and my take.



Chris said...

I'm slowly climbing the ladder on ye olde blogroll.

My goal is to get above FSM.

The Critic said...

Only Linus gets above FSM.

flaky genius said...

that's my boy with the extensive vocabulary. they're almost shakespearean.

The Critic said...

Perhaps you'd prefer open-arsed flap mouth of a dunghill?