Thursday, June 12, 2008

In Case You Wondered

Soaking all night in polyurethane doesn't do a Circus Peanut any good.

Anyway, according to Wikipedia:

In 1963, General Mills vice president John Holahan inventively discovered that Circus Peanuts shavings yielded a tasty enhancement to his breakfast cereal. General Mills formalized the innovation and created Lucky Charms, the first breakfast cereal to contain marshmallow bits (or "marbits").

So there you go.


Grace Nearing said...

Speaking of polyurethane, didn't Clark Griswold get a bonus for developing a new cereal shellac?

The Critic said...

indeed, he did. i believe it was referred to as a "non-nutrient food varnish."

in other food news:

"it's a floor wax, it's a dessert topping!"