Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Week...

Another missing review.

What can I say?

The computer at home is down in the basement and while that's been fine for writing stories lately, the set up is no good for reviews. I really need either to have made notes while listening or to be able to spread out notes I made on paper while reading the book.

The problem here is that our basement is a shit-hole. No other way to describe it. Cement floor, cement block walls, damp, smells like litter box, covered in cobwebs and dust that sifts down through the hardwood floors above, radiator pipes wrapped in asbestos insulation running over head, the constant hum of the dehumidifier. I literally sit cross legged on an old kitchen chair because there's little enough room to sit where the computer is temporarily set up on a laundry cabinet.


Well, we're redoing the downstairs bedrooms. They used to be individual offices, one for me, one for The Wife, but now we've made the smaller one (my old office) into a guest room and the larger office (The Wife's, which she never ever used except as an enormous walk in closet and laundry basket) as our "shared office."

Plus, in about a week and a half, we're buying a new computer, a shiny new iMac. I fully expect to get much more done once the new office is painted and done, the desk sits up on its feet (it lays on its side currently, covered in a sheet), the drywall dust is vacuumed and mopped up, the computer is plugged in and humming, my pleasant wheeled office chair sitting ready, and all that.

So, all I can say is, patience. Patience. Plus, I'll try to find some more interesting things to blog about.


flaky genius said...

Den, not office. Den. Practice it. "Den."

A. & D. said...

Have you heard the new Beck album (Modern Guilt)? It's not bad. Sometimes when I listen to 'Guero' and 'Guerolito', I try and figure which songs from each could've been put together in their better forms to make a power album. I'm glad that it's two albums though. Listen to them both sometime, and tell me which versions you like better and would make one kick ass album.

A. & D. said...

So, the we have to vote to say "I'm sorry"? Is taht what I'm understanding? Who the fuck says no to this?


The Critic said...


This has been another fine example of simple answers to simple questions.