Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Know, I Know

It's supposed to be bad form to mock other cultures for their beliefs and their mores, but seriously, now, Saudi religious authorities are just totally whack-a-doodle.




A. & D. said...

So then, Saudi Arabia starts to look like Lewistown, Ohio? There are more cats in that place than humans. Speaking of Lewistown, have you ever heard of Todd Weeks?
I'm guesstimating this is the underground independent film scene in Lewistown. If you want to see white trash fail at music, martial arts, and instructional video making, this is it. The pathetic thing is, a few months ago, his web page didn't mention that it was comedy, and when pop's met him (because he's a plumber by trade when not Bruce Lee'in' it up) at Ridgemont when he was contracted there, he tried to sell him two of his movies, and was totally serious about being a ninja. *remind me what the html code is for hyperlinking url's*

The Critic said...

I have introduced Todd Weeks "Dragon" to the people here at work and they freakin' love him. Teh Awesomest.

Sarah said...

Apparently the Saudi religious police have never, ever, even come close to picking up a woman, with or without the aid of pets.