Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'd Call it "Not Compassionate Conservatism"

In fact, I'd call it assholery you can believe in.


The Critic said...

Okay, seriously now, I'm going to have to get a review up STAT! this site's gone all politics lately.

Alley Cat said...

Lord help us taxpayers from yet one more burden. How we suffer so.

If they're so concerned about costs, why don't they privatize both police and fire services? They could set up fee schedules where a person could pay each time they call the police or fire department, plus all of the incidental expenses. Kind of like getting bills at the end of a hospital stay.

Insurance companies could get in on the act by issuing police and fire rescue policies where you pay a deductible (and the expensive premiums, of course) and the insurance company picks up the rest.