Friday, September 05, 2008

Metrics, Onions, Lawyers


Annalisa said...

Pwhahahahaha! These are the best.

The onion on my belt one is a bit we do around the house all the time... because we're old, and tell stories that don't go anywhere. Like the time I went to... ah, nevermind.

flaky genius said...

Is anyone else bothered by the double-standard inherent in statements like this, "Many of Palin's supporters have been quick to accuse Dems of outrageous sexism in the frontal assault on Palin's record and family." These same people were lax in expressing outrage about Hillary nutcrackers or yells of "Iron My Shirt" or references to her voice that made one major newscaster cross his legs. No one hesitated to ask Hillary the tough questions and often asked her the toughest questions while her opponents were given more of a pass on the hard stuff. Do you know why? It wasn't just because she was a woman or a Clinton. It was because she was smart, educated, and experienced, and every guy pressing her subconsciously understood that she wouldn't fall apart under the pressure. They could beat her up all they wanted, but she could take it. Now we have a candidate for the vice-presidency whose lack of education, experience, and availability to the press deserves the hard questions, and her supporters get away with pretending that asking them would be sexism. What is really going on is that they know she is incapable of handling the hard questions and may even fall apart in front of those watching, and so they participate in a common type of sexism--the sexism of thinking a woman ought to be treated differently than a man because she is weaker. If McCain had chosen a man with similar experience, education, family issues, and lack of availability to interviews, don't you think some hard questions would be lobbied? Better yet, what if Obama had done this? Just when you think things can't become more absurd, the Republican party comes in and rewrites the script. I am on the edge here. I feel like I'm going to explode.

flaky genius said...

I mean lobbed, I think. Rage does things to my brain.