Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Awesome Times One Trillion

Just bad ass cool.

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.the whitexmas tomato. said...

yeah, i ran across this news today also. it's cozy to picture snow storms on mars.

given that there's now so much more reason to think there might have been life on mars in the past and night therefore be there in the future, i think we should get together as a species and decide once and for all to leave that planet the fuck alone...given the complete mess that we've made of this one.

that way if life ever does develop there, it can do it in peace and not get throttled out of existence by Hooters parking lots, gas-swilling SUVs with "support our troops" bumperstickers, and boyfriend arm pillow factories.

hostility notwithstanding...that's such a sweet image, snow falling on mars. little green men with furry hats, riding sleds, sipping hot cocoa, rubbing noses.