Friday, October 03, 2008

Just Embarrassing

Read this horrible essay for Time magazine and tell me how this got across the editors' desks. It's like something you'd read in a high school newspaper or a first year college student's guest editorial in the university paper.

I cringed when I read it. Ladies, your opinions?


flaky genius said...

Why do you even draw my attention to stuff that is bound to infuriate me? I didn't even manage to read the whole thing. The opening sentence, the bold print, and the final sentence were enough for me to gather how demeaning the piece really is to women. You're right, Belinda. I don't have enough sense to find the potential presidency of Sarah Palin concerning because her lack of knowledge, her lack of experience, her lack of fluid thought, her lack of education, or her lack of progressive policy. I just hate her because she's beautiful. Now if only I could go back to my real pursuit of finding a pair of skinny jeans that don't make me look fat when I'm sitting in my grad class at night.

Besides the overall tone and message of this piece, I'm disturbed that Time would run something so entirely fluffy when our economy is crumbling around us, our wars are both expensive and forgotten, our schools continue to go unfunded, our environment is being destroyed, and on. Isn't there something real someone could spend a little time commenting on?

Alley Cat said...

Well said, Flaky Genius. Whenever I voice my displeasure with Sarah Palin, others are quick to assume I dislike her for reasons other than the fact that I disagree with her politics and moral principles.

I'm almost more disgusted with the fact this appeared in Time magazine rather than the actual content of Ms. Luscombe's article (which would be more appropriate for the MSN homepage, BTW). I get upset whenever I go to a doctor's office waiting room and look at Newsweek and Time magazines. I don't like being reminded of how far these two publications have fallen. Good Housekeeping and Better Homes & Gardens magazines treat their readers much more intelligently these days than the "serious" magazines.

The Critic said...

For comparison purposes that will seriously frost every part of you, go back and look at Cosmopolitan from the 1950s-1960s to what it is today.

They used to publish Kurt Vonnegut. Now every issue is how you can please your man. And that's the BIG story in the magazine.

Sincerely. If you really want to see the fall off in magazines, check that one out. But Wolcott's got even other laments similar.