Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not So Much a Review


But I plan on later today or tomorrow, writing my thoughts on the debates as they played out. Will I be fair to both candidates?


Just consider my totally fair choice in photos.

Is there something wrong with this dude?


Completely and totally spot the fuck on.


Ben said...

Are these photoshopped?

Hamming it up for the camera is a Bushism. He's not doing a good job of distancing himself from Bush.

The Critic said...

Not 'shopped, I swear.

A. & D. said...

This was when he couldn't decide which side of the table to walk around to shake whats-his-mcface's hand.
My favorite part of this debate was when Obama said that he felt America was less concerned with hurt feelings and more concerned with the issues that need to be addressed. I started laughing because McCain looked like a gigantic tool sitting there trying as hard as he could not to turn red with embarrassment for sounding like a twitching chode. John McCain was acting like a whiny little school girl demanding an apology (for shit that Barack didn't even say).

the i-told-you-so tomato said...

Realizing that, despite the US's deeply-entrenched racism, Obama will probably win this election (Thank fuck!), I find myself winsomely remembering the election four years ago...and the one four years before that...

And thinking: well, at least enough other Americans have finally come to recognize Republicans for the ignorant, criminal, hatemongering thugs that they are. And all it took, all it took boys and girls, was the near total collapse of our freedoms, federal government, world prestige, and financial stability for those moronic, jingoistic, country-music-listening, Hooters-eating, racist, homophobic, woman-hating, child-hating, elderly-hating fuckups to realize they were wrong wrong wrong, wrong--wrong from the get-go, wrong eight years ago, wrong again four years ago. Wrong when they voted in the party of the super-rich, buying their fake-smiling lies that they cared for the poor and the middle class. Wrong when they bought the blatantly-obvious lies to go to war in Iraq, while the rest of us knew it was bullshit all along (knew it eight years ago and again four years ago, thank you very much). Wrong when they voted for a President based on the incredibly-important-to-good-governing issue that, um, they don't want gay people to get married.

Meanwhile, the rest of us, i.e. the intelligent people, saw this coming all along, didn't need the whole country to go up in a shit-storm to recognize a few obvious truths. Thanks guys, thanks red-state-fuckups, for finally catching on just in time, only seconds before heading out to the grocery store to buy dog food for Grammie to eat, Grammie whose pension has evaporated, since the government they elected stole the whole fucking show out from under them and their flag-wrapped SUVs.

Thanks, good ol' boys and gals.

The rest of us appreciate it.


the i've-calmed-down tomato said...

this is fun: