Thursday, November 13, 2008

Because It Doesn't Get Old

I'll write it again:

President (elect) Barack Obama.

Plus, he's a Mac user.

And some good stuff to be found here, just little bits and pieces of personal stuff, such as favorite book. Moby Dick for the win.

via Cynical-C and the miracle linking capacity of the intertubes.


Scoffing in Tremont said...

He would be a Mac user, what with his hipster elitism and all. I bet he eats arugula salads and vegetable-laden thin crust pizzas while he's working at that $2,000+ laptop.

The Critic said...

Jealous much?

Plus, can someone who lives in Tremont to be closer to fancy restaurants and bars with obscure imported beers really go about knocking on someone's "hipster elitism" even in ironic jest?

Also, I would not refer to your recent sartorial choices as "hipster chic." They are neither. In fact, I think they'd more likely fall under "rejected Harry Potter related, private schoolish, thrift-store Gap preppy."

If that didn't come off bitchy enough, just imagine me lightly slapping your cheek as I say it.


The Critic said...

Also, no comment on a wine review as below? I know I overused "service" and variations upon that word, but come on, people. How many wine reviews reference Marvel comics? Show some love!

styling in tremont said...

Just because your fashion sense is lacking, don't throw out baseless criticisms at mine. That you reference "Gap preppy" shows your ignorance, sir; if anything, my style reflects a Banana Republic sensibility. Once you update your wardrobe to this century, I'll pay heed to your 'sartorial' insights.

To be serious, I really don't understand mac-love beyond its hipster appeal and its (at least supposed) advantages in the video and graphic arts. Should its price drop by 50-75%, making it comparable to a PC, I'd be tempted. Of course, then its affordability would undermine its privileged status in the counterculture, and at that point, who really cares? People will just get whatever is cheap enough let them email and look at porn.

Haven't had much experience with box wines, even of the disgusting kind. Yes, I am aware of the efficiencies of wine in a box to both producer and consumer, but it's hard to give up popping a cork out of a bottle and pouring someone a glass. It's uselessly romantic, I know, but it gives the same pleasure as putting on a record or thumbing through pages of a magazine or book.

The Critic said...

but it's hard to give up popping a cork out of a bottle

This from the man who showed up at my doorstep with screw cap white wine....

Also, Gap Inc. has owned Banana Republic since 1983, so the point stands. Also, BR was considered trendy when I was in high school which puts us back in the last century for definite.

Could you really make a distinct call one way or the other either about different styles, holistically as opposed to a few monogrammatic elements?

Please, Tremont, don't bring the weak sauce to this here argument barbecue. It'd be laughed at harder than boxed wine in Lola.

A and D said...

I would go with a Mac if I didn't have the knowledge to build a killer Windows machine for a fraction of cost of any assembly line pc from any manufacturer. The great thing about the debate between the two things is really which one is more stable to run software. Mac excels here. The ironic thing is, it will make no difference in about two years when free web based applications will be comparable, or better than OS specific software application installs. Say goodbye to recording software, photo editing, and spreadsheet suites. They will all be free and better than any pay license. Buying a machine will be no more than a fashion accessory and the premise will be that of the guy who chooses to wear Nike over Adidas. I got nothin' on the wine debate. I'll just stick to my Old Styles or PBR's.

stylin in tremont said...

Yes, Gap owns BR and Old Navy, but equating them is like saying Toyota is the same as Lexus, or Honda like Accord - but worse. Styles and materials are completely different at each store, and even a cursory walk-through would help you realize that.

And of course I'm not going to whip out the good stuff on a visit to the Critical family's house - like I'd waste my superiors bordeauxs on your pleb tastes.

I tend to think that technology changes so quickly (making those shiny machines obsolete in a couple of years anyway) that for the average user cheap is always the way to go. I've had a Dell laptop for six years (past the shelf life for most laptops) and beyond the pronounced sound of its fan, it totally works fine. My Dell mp3, a fraction of the cost of an ipod, still works after four years.

The Critic said...

While open source stuff is comparable or even better (try GIMP if you can't afford photoshop, it's the bomb), the biggest problem on that end is that while examples like the one above will save in a universal form like .jpeg or .gif, almost everyone still uses Word or Excel as THE standard. When Open Office can save in a Word format (not Word compatible, but actual Word), then things will be moving in that direction. What the fuck will Microsoft do if open source stuff takes over? They don't make hardware much.

The Critic said...


Please, Mr. Fox, these grapes really do taste sweet.

I was skeptical of The Wife's overwhelming desire for a Mac, having last used one for any duration in college in 1992.

Then we bought one. hell yeah. there's a little learning curve, but everything after you get past that in ease of use and simplicity in installing software etc. is just phenomenal. fuck yeah, we love our mac. got the best machine goin on and can't see it being weak in six years, either.

in short, don't knock is till you've tried it.