Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Two Voice Mails

One received at work by a coworker, the other at my home. The first is by some idiot we don't know, the second is by my brother-in-law who still makes me just about piss my pants with this recording.

Voice Mail #1.

Voice Mail #2.



A + D said...

I love when professional wrestlers talk. Macho Man is by far my favorite. I think the best part of pro wrestler speech is the inhale (or gasping) in between words. Some do it worse than others, but they all do it. I may have exaggerated Macho Man's, but it was necessary to dramatize the character.
I think Macho Man should drop the atomic elbow on stupid ass, dicknuts Rod Blagojevich. I was just bitching about this tool a few days ago, now look what's going on. I hate him.

flaky genius said...

I didn't think I could laugh harder than I was laughing when I listened to Dave's famous professional wrestler message, and then I read Dave's comment. I was just wondering about Dave's reaction to the Illinois governor. Because I am tired, I cannot articulate what it meant to have the juxtaposition of Dave's professional wrestler and Dave's pathetic governor. How many times did I just write "Dave"? Anonymity and clarity both be damned.