Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh, It's On....Elsewhere

Seems like the Twilight comment thread done up and migrated over to this here site, and completely stopped being about the book. Go have a look if you're at all interested in sexism and gender.

On the bright side, at least one of my book reviews got some comments. Ya'll are stingy with book comments. Maybe this blog needs some baby panda videos or something to get your attention.


A + D said...

I'm convinced that Andrea is trying to cause conflict within my family, but to be straight forward, I wanted just to admit that I disagree, and that I'm allowed to, and had no intentions to elaborate why. I know better than to debate a Keirn or Keirn-Swanson. Politically I agree with Flakygenius (and the rest of the Critic family as well) on just about everything. She is very passionate about what she believes in, and I know that there is no reason to get into a debate an area that I have no clue in. Only our pop's would have the nerve to do that. I would like to save myself the embarassment before my ignorance is called out.

Citizen Carrie said...

As far as book reviews, please continue with them. There have been many times where I have started to type out comments, only to delete them before I hit "publish" because I didn't want to come across like a twit. Do you want a bunch of nothing little comments or do you just want the scintillating ones? I know you'd appreciate a little more positive reinforcement, but there are only so many times we can say "Great review, Critic" before we start feeling a bit self-conscious.

I think you know by now that I think you're a terrific writer and I enjoy all your reviews. Just take it for granted that at least one person enjoys all of your reviews. And if I don't like a review, I'll be too polite to say so.

Kelly said...

Dave its all in good fun. And it really wasn't a debate but more of a discussion, I mean I have the mind of a twelve year old most days and I tried to put in my two cents. Yesterday I giggled when someone asked me when a project was "due-due". I know that you are more of a smarty pants than me.