Thursday, March 12, 2009

Really, You Yahoos?

Seriously, wtf? Are you completely tone deaf assholes? Do you think this is the featured story that all of America, hell, all of the world is clamoring to hear right this second? Why not rub it in our faces a little more? Why not show us photos of these billionaires lavish mansions where even their dogs drink out of finer porcelain china than most Americans have ever even heard of, seen, or touched? Why not show us the 37th spare bathroom, the one with the platinum bidet?

You suck, Yahoo, you really suck ass.


Thousandaire in Tremont said...

I'm telling you, if ever there were a time for your proletarian revolution, it would be now. Of course, when the revolution comes, most of us will probably catch it on Hulu the next day.

Dave said...

I think that 'worlds poorest people in collections' would be a way more interesting story. It could at least be laughable satire.