Monday, April 20, 2009


I could post a book review some time soon. This is the final week of me finishing off my stacks and stacks of old New Yorkers. (Did I really skip reading so many issues in 2004? I'd have thought I'd be all about the election and current events then. Wonder what was going on in my life...)

But my next actual print book up on deck is Dan Simmons, The Terror. Looks good, has great reviews, and it kicks off with a quote from Moby Dick, which is quite frankly as good as writing gets. So. Eventually.

At any rate, any reviews of non-book related material ya'll are interested in reading about other than semi-action films and action films? I was thinking of doing a review of the amazing and awesome Swedish horror film Let the Right One In, so that's probably what'll happen in the short term.

Or perhaps a snippet of a new story I'm working on?

You tell me.


Dave said...

That's because the New Yorker comes every five minutes. Seriously, we get New Yorker issues more often than pizza place menus under our windshield wipers.

Law Student(?) in Tremont said...

You should do a review of the New School for Social Research. As my parents seem to think it is not a good enough graduate institution, make sure it's favorable, lest I have to seriously consider law at Case and spend another three years in Northeast Ohio (no offense to Northeast Ohio).

The Critic said...

Weak, law student. You need a better excuse to go out into the world without your parents holding you back.