Wednesday, March 02, 2005


As is fitting with a site with the word "Late" in its name, I plum missed out on the one year anniversary of the start of this site. Rah rah.

For those of you who've been frittering away your time here for one whole year plus, read the Gilgamesh review below and as you do, time yourself with a stopwatch. Now, take that figure and multiply it by one hundred and ten. That's approximately the number of reviews I've written. Think of what you could have done with that time. You could at least have had sex with one person. Possibly more. For those of you new to the vast audience I command, think of how you could better occupy yourself. Transcribing PBS documentaries, balancing your checkbook, lancing boils.

And for those of you who missed that first inauagural post, the words that sunk a thousand ships, you can read it here. So much promise, so much of it unfulfilled. Whatever happened to the tangelo? a chastened nation asks.

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