Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of School

You all think it was today, because I kept saying it was today, but now I can unveil The Truth. The following photo-narrative was something I made years ago to document The Littlest Critic's real first day at school (of hard knocks) when she was just an infant.

Her marching off with lunchbox and jacket this very morning reminded me of this little bit.

And now for something less than serious.

I needn't add--need I?--that when I first showed this (and the accompanying raw footage from our video camera) to Ms. The Critic, "divorce" was a word bandied about a bit, as well as "mean" and "cruel" and "when she sees this when she's fifteen, she's going to know who to hate."

Well, the years haven't proved her right yet. The clock is ticking, of course, but I think The Littlest Critic will look back on these years and laugh and laugh and laugh....

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