Sunday, August 26, 2007

Personal Matters

My grandmother died this weekend. She was 92 years old, a tough old bird, and she'd been failing for the last two years. It's really a relief for her, I think, as much as she'd lost since she began having strokes.

I will want to write more about her than this, but right now this is about all I have the ability for here. I have some great photos of her when she was just a twenty something, a regular at the dance clubs, swinging to some cool jazz, and I'd want to include those.

I'm going to miss her a lot, but obviously I've been missing her ever since the Alzheimer's erased me from her mind. I keep expecting to feel the crushing weight of grief, but I've been mourning Granny for several years now. I seem mostly numb about it at this point, or at least that's how I think I feel.

I don't know.

Blogging to resume when possible.

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