Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Okay, so Scarlett Johansson's downward slide into utter irrelevancy as far as my attraction goes has accelerated to near light speed. Jeeeeeeeezus.

When I heard about this album, I thought, hey, maybe it won't suck total balls. But guess what? If this clip below is any indication, it sucks total balls to the power of infinity.

Tonight, Tom Waits will die, just so he can spin in his fuckin' grave.


The Critic said...

And seriously? Salman Rushdie? What the fuckety fucksticks?

flaky genius said...

terrible and tone deaf

Alley Cat said...

It's too bad they don't have "Circus of the Stars" on TV anymore to employ the actors and actresses who need the money.

The Critic said...

That's so weird. In a casual conversation about ten minutes ago, Dancing with the Stars came up and I made a joke about Circus with the Stars. Synchronicity.

Okay, tell me what I'm

A & D said...

tone deaf like Tim Kinsellas during puberty

Anonymous said...

exactly how "relevant" was she ever? outside of acting nicely in some good movies and having two or three of the nicest lips in filmstardomhood?

at least tom waits will get money from the royalties. i can't bear to think hoow many people will hear his songs now as opposed to on his own albums.

during an informal poll, having mentioned his name and played a song in class, tomylast two freshman composition classes, i can tell you that out of 46 college freshmen, as a sort of random sample, not a one had ever heard of the guy.



Alley Cat said...

What are you thinking,

"Get back to bed, TLC. I'm still sleeping."