Friday, April 04, 2008

Yes, I Know

Quality sure has dropped off around these parts and I've been wracking what little brains I can boast of to come up with ways to keep the site interesting and worth coming to more than once every couple of weeks. And, yes, I think the reviews that I do boast these days aren't up to snuff when compared with the wonder years of my part-time job.

That's just how it is right now. Get a job as a writer and you blow your writer wad on paid jobs rather than your fun-time hobbies. Ain't life grand? Meanwhile, you'll all be thrilled to know that I've actually begun writing short stories again. How 'bout them apples, eh? Eh?

Anyway, so, to recap, yes, I know. I know the site's for shit right now. I'm trying to think of how I can fix that situation.


A & D said...

do what I do and just put some sort of 'how feminine am I?' quiz or some other random nonsense.

Alley Cat said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. You're going through a major transition right now. We'll cut you some slack while you sort things out.

Maybe in the meantime you could feature a different one of your older reviews each week or so and give us updates if you feel differently now about either the review or the book.

How about things like "favorite review" types of votes? That way you could bring attention to the main bulk of your work over the last few years. Your reviews are too good to keep locked up in the archives.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, man. Don't worry about it. The suggestions for ways to re-present your past reviews are great. And then continue with the little things you currently do, along with new reviews when and if they arrive. Either way, your blog still has vastly more of interest than the standard, solipsistic, pointless blatherings that compromise most people's blogs.

Or not... Maybe give in and tell us what music your listening to each day, how much weight you've lost, how you really feel about that comment your lover made the other day about not liking your favorite pop music icon, and how mad you are at how mean people are in Darfur...and if you've cheated on your diet that day and eaten a Mars Bar. Naughty, naughty!

.the solipsistic tomato.

A & D said...

I'm kinda' diggin' the review of older reviews. There are plenty of books that you've enjoyed enough to go back and read again. It's kinda' like when the Matrix came out.. you had to watch it twice to catch all of it. I'm sure there are some books that you've reread and caught some new things in a different light. Cheers bro'.

A & D said...

OH SHIT! Andrea gave me a booklet one of her coworkers gave her called 'Voters Guide for Serious Catholics' that I think is hilarious.. It's a good laugh..