Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why Yahoo Freakin Sucks

I read the news today....

Shit, isn't there anything at all more pressing for a top headline, anything at all?


Alley Cat said...

I've also noticed over the last week or so that the featured Yahoo news stories are a lot fluffier than they used to be. The Yahoo home page is about as serious now as the MSN home page.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they could'a passed on the news about what happened on "Dancing with the Stars."

God bless America.

the newsworthy tomato


Erin said...

Are you kidding? This is a great headline as it heralds the end of Flavor of Love on VH1!

Seriously, I'm tired of celebrity gossip being passed off as news, and when that "news" includes has-been wash-ups like Flava Flav, I start to question the quality of our celebrity gossip!