Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Daughter Will Probably Cry

But this is the only way it can happen now (click on picture for larger, actually legible image).

Part of me is sad, for my daughter and for a bunch of women, for the idea that we might break the glass ceiling, but any way you slice it, Hillary has run a historic campaign, taking it all the way to the end. It's been pretty clear for some time that it just wasn't going to happen, but I can understand that sometimes you just have to game it all the way to the buzzer.

That said, I'm not at all sad that Obama is clearly going to be the next president. Matlock McCain doesn't stand a chance, so everyone get ready for the ugly racial shit under the surface to come a bubblin' up. Between now and November, I promise you, you will want to punch people in the mouth. (Same would have been true if Hillary had won it, of course.)

Suck it up and let's do this thing.


A & D said...

If she would've just conceded a looong time ago so the rest of the democratic party could focus on securing a seat in the presidency (the romney tactic), McCain wouldn't even remotely be a thought.. but there is no sense of comaraderie between democrats. I guess it could've worked out that her holding on to the race has drawn attention away from just two candidates, and america would be a lot harder to sway if it were just McCain and Obama from the get-go. Maybe her running has detered all that bullshit. You're way more informed on this though. I just pretend to remotely know what is really going on.

The Critic said...

I think the two of them running has spurred interest in the election, has gotten late states involved and fired up, has dramatically increased Democratic voter registration, and I think Clinton supporters by and large will show up to vote for Obama.

Just go to CNN's website and pick any state from all who've voted and compare voter turnout. As far as I know, every state, every single state including the deep south, has shown that our winner routinely gets more primary votes than almost all of the GOP ballot names combined. And our #2 in each contest has almost always been within spitting distance of our #1. Add up the numbers and it looks like the GOP is going in for a crushing, humiliating, flaming defeat up and down the ticket. It couldn't have happened to a shittier party.

Erin said...

I guess I'll check my cynicism at the door and do what is best. I still have many concerns about an Obama administration, but it will be a million-trillion times better than McCain.