Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Welcome to the Police State

Well, I guess the Constitution had a good 200+ years run. Thanks for nothing, Barack.


A & D said...

Welcome to the police state? Where have you been!? We've been in a police state for almost thirty fuckin' years. I agree, bad play on Barack's part, but if it were anything else, Hillary would have changed her mind about it seventeen times.

Erin said...

I knew I didn't like Barack. Everyone was willing to jump on the bandwagon after he clinched the nom, but I'm not there yet. And this is doing nothing to convince me to support him. Call me cynical.

The Critic said...

Now it's just ratified in law. That's all. We could pretend otherwise, hope that it wasn't as bad as we feared. This is just a stark confirmation, that's all.

And a megafucking disappointment. What a sorry bunch of Congress critters we have in this nation.

the pissed-off tomato said...

Thanks goodness at least we've protected the phone companies from being sued. I was really worried for them. Now I can sleep soundly at night.

flaky genius said...

Thank goodness, a and d, we have a new "decider" among us. I love politicians who make up their minds and then stick with it despite all evidence to the contrary, or in this case, what they've said in the past. Someone is just trying to get elected, not "changing Washington." What a disappointment, I mean, for the people who actually believed he wasn't another politician. Those of us who believed otherwise can still vote for him without the pain of lost idealism.

A & D said...

Good. I'm glad he's a decider. That's a good thing. Serious shit doesn't get resolved by someone who sits there for four to eight fucking years scratching their head, considering all parties that may get affected by a decision. No big decision that has ever been made in Washington (or anywhere else) has ever pleased everyone. True story. So call me ignorant for choosing a candidate who prefers confronting problems, as opposed to procrastination. I can't stand fickle, and indecisive politicians. So Barack made a BAD decision, BUT HE MADE A DECISION. Is that the difference between republican and democrat now-a-days? One who makes decisions and one who is to scared to make decision at all?