Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday

I most definitely should have posted this earlier and I've no excuse, but today marks the birthday of my (psychologically adopted) little brother, Chris, whose link can be found to your left -- no, your other left, jeebus -- under the title "Sheer Genius."

For some of the best prose poetry to be found anywhere and free to boot, you can't go wrong with the stylings, musings, and occasional links to other matter found there.

Now if he only had comments, I could direct my six faithful readers not named Chris (and my additional reader named Chris) to hasten over to leave goodness and light at his site. Alas, he remains painstakingly old-school on his (can you imagine?) Angel Fire site.

Happy Birthday, little bro. I love you, man.

UPDATE MEIN GOTTS!!!!!eleven!!!

What the fuck was I thinking writing this hastily assembled birthday greetings to a spiritual brother without mentioning that the day is also shared by my two actual real live brothers-in-law. Two better legal male relatives you'd be hard-pressed to find as neither of them follow the hard and fast rule that one's brother-in-law must be an insufferable fucktard. How did I get so lucky, you ask.

All those damn rabbit feet I had as a child, naturally.

So, yes, happy birthday bros of all shapes and sizes and ages and statuses wherever they be.


A. & D. said...

Skanks for the b-day wishes.

.the birthday tomato. said...

Thanks, sweetie-pie! You're a prince among men.