Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Internets Is Full of Fun

Consider this an important public service announcement from August J. Pollack.


A. & D. said...

I hope there will be some sort of Halloween weekend tally of Sarah Palin costumes. The weakest part of the whole epidemic is that you essentially have a shitload of people wandering around asking each other who they're supposed to be, only to find out they all seem like ridiculously normal looking middle aged women. That would be like if I chose to be Matt Damon for Halloween. All I would have to do is wear what I wear everyday, but have something totally out of character of myself, lets say wearing a wig that makes me look like I have a bowl haircut, and then I'll throw on a Boston accent like he had in 'Good Will Hunting'. Folks would just say, "who's the douche with the wig in fairly normal looking attire with that shitty fake Bostonian accent?".. "Oh, he says he's supposed to be Matt Damon from 'Good Will Hunting'." Sarah Palin is 'costume fail'.

.the GOP-freakshow tomato. said...

Will the GOP buy mine for 150 grand?