Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Listen Closely


A. & D. said...

I can't emphasize enough how much I LOVE that word.

A. & D. said...

You have probably already seen this.


The Critic said...

Yup. Maybe McCain was thinking about her at the time....rumor is that his camp and her camp are going knives out at each other. Lovely.

A few weeks back,I wrote this:

My Friends
John McCain has taken presidential campaigning to new performance art levels of absurdity. Every day, hell, every hour there is some new train wreck disaster of ridiculousness.

I haven't laughed so much at politics in a long time. This is truly comedy gold.

Thanks for everything, Senator.

And I stand by those comments. This has been a popcorn worthy election on the GOP side. Like watching The Money Pit or some similar disaster film where nothing ever goes right.

Hilarity times eleventy trillion.

flaky genius said...


flaky genius said...

a better version